Jonah Adam Falcon, who claimed to have the biggest penis and came in lime light after he featured on an HBO special series in year 1999. He is an American TV actor who has the boon of having natural biggest penis but soon it proved to be the curse for him as he got to face certain rejection too.

Falcon is an American by birth and is well known for record breaking penis size clearly for 20 years, since 1999. He is a bisexual but it didn’t cause any disturbance within his work until the largest penis matter came in show.

As said, he was travelling from San Francisco and was suddenly stopped by the US Transportation Security Administration officials just because they noticed something unusual. The officers doubt that he must have dangerous equipment.

Having the biggest size penis cause some serious problem as Falcon was unable to get job and he himself revealed it in an interview with a UK news channel company i.e. The Sun Online. He also says that none of the casting directors were showing any hint to give him the ideal or big roles.

13.5inches penis has put me in attention but at the same time proved to be sure curse when it comes to carrier building. My acting carrier just ruined just because of holding the title of biggest penis. Few of my casting director friend has to say same about it.

Jonah Adam Falcon is an average looking guy who belongs from Manhattan and living with his family till date. The only problem he is facing in his life is unemployment just because of his unbelievable penis size.

jonah pic

Jonah Falcon loves to play basketball and what like other do he is also fond of watching movies too. But this become more irritating has the big penis keep stuck in between the legs.

In recent past, the British Journal of Urology published that an average penis size is upto 5.16 inches erect, 3.61 inches flaccid at an average girth of 3.66 inches flaccid and 4.59 inches erect.

But in case of Johan Falcon, stats simply changes as it counts to 3 times extra i.e. 13.5 inches erect and 9.5 inches flaccid. No doubt he owns a very well-endowed man’s erect penis till date.

Jonah Falcon tried to record the talk about his big penis size in Guinness Book of World Records, but the official’s refuses to do so. Later on “Huffington Post Executive Crime/ Weird News Editor Buck Wolf” featured him and claimed that he has the biggest of penis as compared to normal.

Jonah Falcon and Approach Of Porn Companies :

It was just a sweet candy for Porn companies as they got to know about Jonah Falcon and his big penis story.

Later in year 1999 the Porn Company was continuously approaching him to be the part of their industry but Falcon refuses the proposal. He visited to many talk show organized by Porn Companies and it went like that only.

Is Jonah Falcon Really Holds The Title Of Biggest Penis Around The Globe??? Let’s Find Out!


A 54 year old Mexican named Roberto Esquivel Cabrera claimed to have the ‘world’s biggest penis’ with 18.9 inches in size.

After the claim of having the world’s biggest penis by Mexican guy, quick reaction came to see from the side of Jonah Falcon as he denied the fact completely.

Falcon call Roberto Esquivel Cabrera to be a fraud who just want attention and he also states that stretch down his foreskin and weighing down his genitals is the reason why his penis looks more heavy and big in size.

Jonah Falcon still holds the title of having the biggest penis i.e. 13.5 inches for sure.

How Tough To Adjust The Penis When It’s Not Normal In Size???

Jonah admits that holding a big penis is surely not an easy task as there might be a risk of penile fracture while sleeping.

It also quite weird as he has to adjust his penis to go for several position during sex.

He also admits that it never looked nice to walk in public as everyone starts to stare but he is still happy about having the giant size penis.

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