As per the sexologist, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can also be called as impotence that surely a sexual disorder and that causes inability of erection of penis during intercourse. In a recent study, it has been cleared out that, ED is getting more common and can be a mark of health problem which definitely need treatment.

There is possibility that ED can lead to cause other sexual dysfunction that include –

1. Delay in ejaculation
2. Premature ejaculation
3. Reduced sex desire
4. Anorgasmia ( Inability to achieve the orgasmic state after ample stimulation)

ED - sexual life

In most of the cases it has seen that, ED has simply ruined the sex life as with the compatibility with your partner and can also cause issues like self-esteem.

One thing is surely not responsible for causing ED as there are many highlights which are as mentioned –

1. High blood pressure and Atherosclerosis

2. Diabetes

3. Consumption of excessive alcoho

4. Use of drugs

5. Stress, Anxiety or Depression

6. Being overweigh

7. Hormone problems

8. Prostate and bladder surgery

NOTE : Injury in Penis, Prostate, Pelvis, Bladder can also be the major reason behind Erectile Dysfunction.

There is a myth regarding the age as ED can occur to any age group men but old ager may face the issue quite often.

In a recent study it has been figured out that young age person has mostly visited the doctor’s place for discussing about the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. The main reason behind facing this sexual problem just because of smoking cigarettes and consuming illicit drugs.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, around 30 million American men recently have affected by ED.

1. 12% of men younger than 60
2. 22% of men in their 60s
3. 30% of men 70 or older

How Erection occurs?

Increase level of blood flow into the penis is the main reason through which erection occurs. Blood flow mainly stimulate by sexual thoughts or contact with your partner.

It’s natural that one can get sexually excited in no time and in that certain period penis just gets relaxed and though the blood flow increases through the penile arteries. When the blood completely flow out from the penile veins the process of erection ends here.

Important : Problem in erection process at any stage can lead to cause ED as penile arteries may somehow get damaged and blood flow stops.

Can ED be diagnosed???

It’s very common that any male person can suffer with ED and yes it can easily be diagnosed but for that you have to be very clear with all your medical history and symptoms to the doctor.

It’s necessary that you visit to see a specialist Urologist to get through the following tests –

1. Urinalysis
2. Ultrasound (To check the blood flow of your Penis)
3. Overnight erection test.
4. Blood tests.
5. Mental Health exam

It’s highly advice not to take any further stress or consumption of cigarettes and alcohol as it will help in reducing the risk of suffering from ED.

Why to go for Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) test ?

NPT test is executed by using a portable, battery-powered device that one has to wear onto its thigh while sleep. The function of this device is to evaluate the quality of nocturnal erections and store the data. It proves to be extremely helpful for the doctor to understand the penis function and ED related issue.

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence

Is there any treatment available for ED?

There are many gentle ways through which one can cure ED but it totally depends upon the underlying cause. There are series of treatment which include lifestyle changes, medication and other relevant therapy.

Myths & facts about Erectile Dysfunction :

It’s time to understand the facts clearly for ED and bust the myths along the way.

Myth about ED and age –

If you are getting old, you will definitely suffer with the problem like ED

Fact about ED –

It’s not right that getting older will lead to suffer you with ED. Maintaining the good health and eating healthy food can reduce the level of causing ED. It’s a proven fact that most of the guys of senior age are getting erections quite well.

Overall health & ED :

Myth : More often you will hear to listen that ED can be upsetting but there is no other abnormalities that it causes.

Fact : ED is surely not dangerous but it’s but suffering from this problem is the bell of causing serious health issues like diabetes or heart issues.

Wearing Tight Underwear –

Myth : More often one will definitely hear to listen that wearing tight underwear cause the problem of Erectile Dysfunction.

Fact : Wearing tight underwear cause the risk of infertility just because it increases the temperature of the testicles. There is no any research stating that wearing tight underwear do not raise the problem of ED.

Sexual Desire and ED –

Myth : A men suffering from erectile dysfunction have no sexual desire.

Fact : Sexual desire is completely hormonal and ED do not affect your sex life. In some case, men suffering with ED compromises to have sex with partner just because they afraid from having getting the better erection but it doesn’t reduces the desire of having sex.

Find the alternative treatment for ED

The most common way of suffering from ED in stress as there are yoga and massage that will surely relax you.

1. Prostatic massage :
It’s a common massage therapy as the practitioners massage the tissues just to stimulate the blood flow to your penis.

2. Acupuncture :
Before going for this therapy it’s highly recommended to choose the certified acupuncturist who uses disposable needle. It’s also necessary that the practitioner strictly follows the U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines for needle disposal and sterilization to better result.

3. Pelvic floor muscle exercise :
It’s one of the effective way to regain normal erectile function as in a recent study, a stat shows that 3 months of regular pelvic floor muscles exercise has helped many men to improve the penile function.

Change in Lifestyle :

Living a healthy lifestyle just not help you minimize the chances of ED but also keep yourself calm fresh and self-motivated.

• Try to exercise at regularly.

• Avoid taking unnecessary stress.

• Try to eat nutritious and balanced diet.

• Control your Weight

• Avoid the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol.

Friendly Foods to help erectile dysfunction :

• Add spinach to your diet chart as it will help to boost the testosterone level.

• A cup of coffee at early morning is surely not a bad idea as it will help you in better sex. Coffee contains caffeine which is good for penile health.

• An apple a day is also good for penile health.

• Use of avocados is a better way to increase testosterone level as it contains zinc.

• Daily use of carrot helps to improve male fertility. Carrot contains carotenoids that hold the excellent composition to boost the sperm count as with motility.

• Use of oats is surely a good option. Oats are also known as aphrodisiac and contains amino acids that relaxes the blood vessels and overcome erectile dysfunction.

• It is advised to add tomatoes in your diet as it will just not increase the sperm count but will help you in prevent ED.

Food like watermelon, garlic, fish, walnuts, dark chocolates, grape juice, green vegetables, red-peppers, olive oil are also helpful to cure erectile dysfunction.

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